A Few Words on Raw Foods and Hot Yoga

April 23rd, 2009

When I got ahold of Tonya Zavasta’s new book “Raw Food and Hot Yoga: From Severe Disability to Superior Health” I had no idea that it would open up a new chapter in my life (pun intended). Just when I thought I had read it all, along comes what I now refer to as my personal Health Handbook.

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This entertaining and informative book does not necessarily focus on yoga poses, but about how and why to combine the raw foods diet with Bikram yoga for maximum benefits. Yet, there is something in it for every health seeker whether beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Tonya tells her own story with intelligence, depth and humor while exhorting the reader that if she can accomplish superior health with all of the obstacles that she has had to overcome, then so can you! She will leave you without excuse because included in this book are chapters about changing your diet, your mindset, detoxification, anti-aging, supplements, social life, sleep habits, glowing skin and much more along with a candid and unbiased Question and Answer section about various aspects of eating a raw foods diet. No stone is left unturned, and you will understand how it all fits together and why you do what you do when you effectively ‘marry’ the raw foods diet and hot yoga. There is also an enticing recipe section to assist you with that very thing. You can see why I refer to it as my personal Health Handbook.

My curiosity was so piqued by the information about Bikram yoga and its many benefits I simply had to try it for myself. To begin with, I was not athletically inclined by any stretch of the imagination, I was philosophically suspicious of anything to do with yoga, and the thought of breaking a sweat appealed to me about as much as paying income taxes.

Getting Ready for Bikram Yoga Class

If you did your studies then you probably know that every Bikram Yoga studio is very hot. That is why one has to prepare for each visit. These are the steps one should take as he or she is getting ready for the class:

1. Hydrate Yourself

The first and the most important step in preparation for a Bikram Yoga class is hydration of your body. Since the studio you will visit is hot, you will be sweating and the body will be dehydrated. Therefore your preparation should include hydrating your body by drinking plenty of water

2. Bring Water

You should also grab a bottle of water as you pack your bag. Your instructor will tell you when you can have a drink during the class to keep you well hydrated

3. Come on an Empty Stomach

Try eating a light meal at least a couple of hours before the class. Otherwise the heat and exercises can make you sick. A light meal can be a salad or a fruit cup. However make sure that you have energy for your class – proper diet is the key for successful sessions you will enjoy.

4. Wear Proper Clothing

To stay well cooled down during the session one should wear light, breathable clothes. Cotton clothing and other natural fibers will soak the moister off your body, promoting proper conditioning.

5. Get a Yoga Mat & Towel

And last, but not least – get your non-slippery yoga mat and a long towel (or two) that will cover your mat. Since the classes will take place in a hot and moist room, consider an antimicrobial Yoga mat with natural ionic silver encapsulated in the fibers. It provides a built-in protection from bacteria, fungus and odor. Although, a well maintained basic yoga mat will do just fine.

Hello world! Welcome to Bikram Yoga, LA.

January 15th, 2009

Welcome to Bikram Yoga, Los Angeles!

This website will provide up-to-date information about Bikram Yoga in Los Angeles. You, dear visitor, will learn everything you need to know about Bikram studios in LA, how to pick a place to practice and get all necessary equipment. We will also cover Hot Yoga related events that will take place in Los Angeles and surrounding area. So, visit us as often as you can to stay informed on Bikram life in your city.